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  • Blower duct

    Blower Duct

    FEATURES: Lightweight and extremely flexible. Constructed with a PVC coated reinforced material with an external vinyl wearstrip. Ideal for portable ventilation units to service manholes, tanks, marquees etc. Temperature range from 0°C to 60°C. APPLICATIONS: Tanks. Manholes. Aircraft servicing. Mining. Download brochure

  • Duct Hose

    Duct Hose

    APPLICATIONS: Ventilation hose for factory, mines and rooms.  Cooling and heating system for rooms. Discharge of welding gas at the welding job site. Dusts collection from various machines. Air cleaner hose for vehicles and heavy equipment.  FEATURES: Light weight, flexible and easy to install. Smooth tube, flow resistance and excellent ventilation.  Excellent abrasion resistance. 

  • Flexflow


    FEATURES: Constructed from neoprene rubber coated fabric and reinforced with a spring wire helix.  Recommended for heavy duty applications.  Temperature range from -30°C to 120°C. APPLICATIONS: Refiniries. Recycling plants. Cement works. Chemical works. Foundries. Laboratories. Saw mills. Brickworks. Download brochure

  • High Temperature W.

    High Temperature W.

    FEATURES:  Suitable for high temperature working conditions.  Constructed from PTFE Teflon coated glasscloth crimped by a helically wound steel strip.  Temperature range from 0°C to 225°C. APPLICATIONS: Refiniries. Foundries. Brickworks. Chemical works. Laboratories. Download brochure

  • Plasticoat Silverflex


    FEATURES: Manufactured with a helically formed internal crimped galvanised steel strip. Material is a polyester which is coated in neoprene rubber. Temperature range from 0°C to 120°C. APPLICATIONS: Welding. Laboratories. Foundries. Car assemblers. Download brochure



    FEATURES: Constructed from a Thermo Plastic Rubber compound with a wire helix reinforcement. Excellent general purpose ducting with good abrasive qualities and U.V resistance. Temperature range -50°C to 100°C. APPLICATIONS: Agricultural machines. Saw mills. Sheet metal. Refiniries. Chemical works. Car assemblers. Woodworking. Mining. Download brochure

  • Tuff-Red Ducting


    FEATURES: Manufactured with an anti-static and dry food grade polyurethane compound. Highly abrasive resistant smooth bore. Temperature range from -30°C to 100°C. APPLICATIONS: Paper mills. Saw mills. Car assemblers. Quaries. Foundries. Mining. Agricultural machines. Download brochure