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  • EVA Beverage

    EVA Beverage

    FEATURES: Formulated from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a food grade compound, it will not taint foodstuffs and beverages. Good flexibility Mirror smooth bore Excellent abrasion resistance. APPLICATIONS: Dispensing beverages, including beer and mixed drinks. Transferring most fluid and semi fluid foodstuffs. Download brochure

  • Food Grade PU Ducting

    Light Weight PU

    FEATURES: Constructed from a dry food grade polyurethane with wire helix reinforcement. Ideal for conveying dry food and particles. Material: Polyurethane APPLICATIONS: Food Oil refineries Sugar mills Download brochure

  • PVC Food Grade Spring Hose

    PVC Food Grade Spring Hose

    FEATURES: FDA Construction: Transparent PVC – abrasion and ozone resistant. Reinforcement: Steel helix wire. Use: General purpose water and liquids suction & delivery. Sterilize with 5% soda solution. Safety factor: 3 to 1. Temperature: -5°C + 60°C

  • Translucent  Multi Purpose Food Contact Hose

    TMP II Hose

    FEATURES: A translucent multi purpose food contact hose. Meets AS2070 1999, with a food contact inner and outer covering. Highly flexible but kink resistant with a highly distinctive dual striping. APPLICATIONS: Suitable for air, water, food and beverage liquids and semi liquids and petroleum based products. Download brochure

  • Wine Food & Beverage

    Wine Food & Beverage

    FEATURES: Heavy duty flexible food quality PVC suction/discharge hose reinforced with a rigid spiral. Has a smooth bore to minimise flow losses. Conforms to AS2070. Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.  Good flexibility Temperature range from -5°C to 60°C. APPLICATIONS: Suitable for the wine, canning and food packaging industries. Can be used for suction of wine…