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  • Food Grade PU Ducting

    Light Weight PU

    FEATURES: Constructed from a dry food grade polyurethane with wire helix reinforcement. Ideal for conveying dry food and particles. Material: Polyurethane APPLICATIONS: Food Oil refineries Sugar mills Download brochure

  • Multipurpose Hose

    Multipurpose Hose

    FEATURES:  Tube: Black synthetic elastomer Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords Cover: Red synthetic elastomer – abrasion,ozone and hydrocarbon resistant Use: Compressed air, water, fuel and oil delivery in general industrial applications Temperature: -10°C + 60°C

  • Petrolmaster


    FEATURES: Designed specifically for the demands of the petro-chemical industry. Polypropylene film and fabric construction handle hydrocarbon based products. Internal and external wire helixes deliver the pressure handling characteristics and a touch PVC coated fabric forms the outer cover. Temperature rating from -20°C to 80°C. Light weight and flexible. APPLICATIONS: Suction and delivery of petroleum…

  • PTFE Teflon Hose

    PTFE Teflon Hose

    ADVANTAGES: Extreme flexibility. High resistance to aging. Low maintenance. Chemical inertness. APPLICATIONS: Steam for ironing and cleaning. Plastic moulding presses. Collant lines for canning machines, gas, and chlorine cilinders. Transport of corrosive chemical, food and pharmaceutical products. Compressors discharge lines. Transport of air, oil and petrol in the car motorcycle and shipyard fields. Air conditioning…

  • PVC Braided Hose

    PVC Braided Hose

    APPLICATIONS: Factory, water supply and draining for equipment facilities. Piping for industrial equipment. Transfer of various fluids and powder. Piping for various equipment of food (non-toxic). FEATURES: The hose is made by special method, and adhered perfectly as the inner surface and other surface are fusion adhered with the same material. Among others, the cross-weaving…

  • PVC Food Grade Spring Hose

    PVC Food Grade Spring Hose

    FEATURES: FDA Construction: Transparent PVC – abrasion and ozone resistant. Reinforcement: Steel helix wire. Use: General purpose water and liquids suction & delivery. Sterilize with 5% soda solution. Safety factor: 3 to 1. Temperature: -5°C + 60°C

  • PVC Spring Hose

    PVC Spring Hose

    APPLICATIONS: Widely used for drawing & conveying water, oil & powder. Suitable for agriculture & engineering. Suction & discharge application. FEATURES: Coils for easy storage. Reinforced with steel wire. Light weight. Size available from 1/2″ to 8″

  • Rubber Jack Hose

    Rubber Jack Hose

    FEATURES: – Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber. – Reinforcement: Two high tensile steel braid (2B). – Cover: Abrasion, ozone, and hydrocarbon resistant synthetic rubber. – Constant pressure: -40°C to +100°C. APPLICATIONS:  – Hydraulic jacking systems up to 700 bar (10,000 PSI). 

  • Sandblast Hose

    Sandblast Hose

    FEATURES: Tube: Black conductive NR – abrasion resistant. Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords. Cover: Black conductive SBR/NR – abrasion and ozone resistant – pin pricked. Use: Abrasive materia blasting. Temperature: -30°C to +80°C.