what is a camlock fitting?

What is a Camlock Fitting?

Easy to use and built tough, cam lock fittings come to the rescue when you need to transfer chemicals, water, or beverage liquid securely and without leaks. They are the unsung heroes of hose connectors. Quality camlock fittings can save you the frustration and mess of wrestling with inferior products. At Simlecco, you’ll find a variety of camlocks to meet all your connection needs.

What Is a Camlock Fitting?

camlock fittings

Camlock fittings are also called cam and groove fittings. You can use them to attach hoses and tubes to a pipe or pump. These couplings typically consist of male and female components that fit together seamlessly. You won’t need thread sealants or tape to use camlocks effectively. Instead, rubber gaskets create leakproof seals.

How do male and female camlocks fit together? By closing the arms on the female component, you can press the rubber gasket against the male setting. This pressurized connection prevents leaks for a safe, secure seal. You can use camlock fittings to efficiently connect and disconnect tubes and pipes by hand or with nonspecialized tools, such as wrenches. They ensure a tight bond and have arms that facilitate the locking process. Simlecco male and female camlock types fit together perfectly.

Camlock couplings are used in a variety of manufacturing and industrial settings. They’re easy to use and reliable. Discover the benefits of high-quality fittings that prevent leaks and last for many years. You can use them to connect Simlecco tubes and pipes of different sizes and styles. Talk to a sales representative to discuss your specific needs and to save time during the ordering process.

What Kind of Camlocks Does Simlecco Offer?

Simlecco offers a wide array of camlock fittings you can adapt for your purposes. While camlocks all perform the same function, you must choose the appropriate type for your application. Simlecco offers Types A-F as well as dust cap and dust plug fittings, as follows:

  • A: male adapter/female thread
  • B: female coupler/male thread
  • C: shank coupler
  • D: female thread
  • E: adapter with a shank
  • F: male thread adapter
  • DC: dust cap
  • DP: dust plug

One of our knowledgeable sales team members can help you select the right camlock for your business needs. From male to female, male to male, and female to female applications, you’ll find the right product in our inventory.

Different Types of Cam Fittings

Type A camlocks have a male adaptor (or cam) with a female thread. They work well if you need to attach a hose to a threaded pipe. Type B camlocks have a female cam and a male thread, and you can use them to connect a threaded pipe to a male camlock fitting. Alternatively, Type C camlocks have female cams and a hose shank and facilitate camlock to hose or pipe fittings. Type D camlocks come with female cams with female end threads so that you can connect male camlock fittings of varying sizes.

Type E camlocks have male cams with a hose shank for rare occasions when you need to connect a tube or pipe to a female camlock fitting. Finally, Type F camlock fittings have cams with a male thread to seal the connection between two female camlocks of different sizes. Note that Types E and F are not commonly used.

Camlock types DC and DP are designed to prevent dust or contamination from breaking the seal on camlocks. With a Type DC (Dust Cap) camlock, you have a female coupler with a sealed end. It fits over a male camlock adapter, and you secure it with two cam levers. You can use them with Type A, Type E, and Type F adapters. Conversely, Type DP (Dust Plug) camlocks have a male end adapter you can use to plug the opening of a female camlock coupler. They are compatible with Type B, Type D, and Type C fittings.

Contact Simlecco to Learn More About Camlock Fittings

Now that you know the basics of camlock fittings, it’s time to delve a little deeper. Speak with a Simlecco camlock expert on the type of setting that would best meet your needs. Types A through D are the most commonly used camlocks. However, dust cap and dust plug camlock fittings can prevent dirt and grime from contaminating food grade liquids and chemicals.

Contact Simlecco to order camlock fittings and other products needed to create a tight seal for hoses, pipes, and tubes. We would be happy to direct you to the right products for your needs.

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